Welcome to
Shabach Services LLC

Shabach Services, LLC is a woman owned small business located in Ellicott City, Maryland. At Shabach Services, LLC we believe that because we are living in an ever evolving world, opportunities for learning new processes, enhanced systems, and new skills is constantly being realized and in turn, demand for new products and services to keep up with the new trends in today’s market is on the rise.

We, at Shabach Services, LLC, are able to meet all your organization’s needs by delivering top notch quality products and services to your organization. Shabach Services, LLC is able to supply all your organizations’ technical, medical, and general office supply needs.

We take pride in our service and strive to foster a positive relationship with our customers and vendors. We negotiate the best prices for your products and guarantee that products and services are delivered on time and in accordance with the agreed upon terms, scope, and budget.